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          Manage your audio brand

          Test your assets to ensure brand fit and consistency of your audio. By optimizing your sound you increase your brand’s performance and recognition.

          Audiodraft Analyze-Create-Manage wheel

          Stay true to your audio brand guidelines with Asset Validation

          Simply upload audio assets for Validation

          Validate assets with a few clicks of a button to see which attributes are coming through. If you have defined your strategy in audio brand analyses, the results align with your audio identity.

          Get measurable data on the Brand Fit

          The tool calculates an overall score of how well the sounds suit your brand persona and how it compares to the rest of your assets. Learn what elements make up your brand sound.

          Ensure the Consistency of your audio brand

          Whether you're launching a campaign or creating a brand playlist, Asset Validation works as a tool for creative decision-making, crafting production briefs, and ordering on-brand audio.

          Get started with the validation of your sound

          Asset Validation

          Upload your assets for validation and test to understand the audio elements which create the sound in your asset. By crunching the data from the validation analysis you are able to develop your sound further for better brand fit and consistency. Our audio experts and AI generated datapoints are making the results relevant for your brand and market.

          Empower audio brand development with Asset Manager

          Store assets and data into a centralized location

          Asset Manager is at your service in creating a backlog for the development of your audio brand. Access all your music and voice-over assets, audio analysis results, and productions easily from Audiodraft platform.

          Share your audio brand guidelines easily

          Asset Manager is designed to provide a smooth exchange of information. Whether you're working in-house or collaborating with third parties, you can quickly locate and share your assets with your team members and production partners.

          Let's manage your audio brand.

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