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          Analyze your audio brand

          Because the wisest decisions are based on facts and insights.

          Audiodraft Analyze-Create-Manage wheel

          Develop your sound through data and creative market insights

          Measure your audio brand performance

          Use the data to compare your use of sound to your competitors. When you understand how sound is used in your market, you are better equipped to develop an audio brand that stands out.

          Learn what your sounds tell about your brand

          The analysis helps you understand how your use of sound affects the emotional outcome of your content. Get data on music, voice, and sounds to see how your audience interprets your brand.

          Start making better decisions on sound

          Be in a better position to use sound as a marketing tool with Audiodraft. Our analyses work as a guide and creative source for the audio you use in your campaigns and marketing materials.

          Get an objective point of view with Sound Profile

          Audio analysis with the help of AI

          Sound Profile is the result of your audio brand analysis. It shows you specific tactics for choosing music and voice that fit your brand identity and message. What's more, you will be provided with a sound example so that you can actually hear what these pieces of information sound like. With Sound Profile, you can rely on hard data instead of a gut-feeling when choosing your audio.

          Choose your analysis plan

          Brand Sound Audit

          Turn the music, voice, and sound design in your media content into measurable data and compare them to your brand attributes. Find out how on-brand and consistent you sound like. Learn which sonic elements fit your brand identity and use the data to optimize your sound.

          Industry Sound Analysis

          Same way as in Brand Sound Audit, you will gain a detailed summary of your audio brand. However, with Industry Sound Analysis, you will also get a chance to compare your use of sound to your competitors, as well as your target audience preferences. Let's make your brand stand out!

          We speak your language

          With the help of AI, we can identify which audio tactics result in desired emotions and which attributes are coming through your audio content. This way, you will crystallize the fitting sound elements and production goals for a stronger performing audio brand.


          We turn something as subjective as music and voice into measurable data.


          Our analyses cover relevant content from global and local markets.

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          Discover strategies that make your audio stand out from your competitors.

          Let’s analyze your brand

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